Race Review: Stan’s Donuts 5k

3,000 people can’t be wrong... a donut 5k was extremely necessary. While I don’t think you burn off nearly enough calories in a 5k to “deserve a donut,” I wholeheartedly believe you should enjoy the heck out of that donut anyway. 

When I first heard about this 5K a few months ago I immediately sign up. Donuts + running = a few of my favorite things. The race did not disappoint.

With a super easy packet pick up at Fleet Feet and an Rx bar in my swag bag I was already pumped about what was to come next.

While I dislike races on Montrose Beach because it’s quite a walk from public transportation, it was nice to be a bit off the path. The race had a convenient start time of 8am and corrals with minute spaces in between so no one was getting run over. The course wound around Montrose and spend some time on the path which is always worrisome for other runners and bikers but it was a nice 5k path and not hilly (thank you!). Better yet, there were two donut aid stations along the course. Which means your chances of enjoying glazed donuts on this Saturday morning was thrice (unless you also stopped by the Stan’s donut truck that was parked  nearby).  

The start and race end were similar to all race starts and ends however there were giant inflatable donuts everywhere. Because let’s be real, Stan’s knows that the people want donuts. Oh and did I mention the medal?  I don’t run every race for the medal... but when I do I want it shaped like a donut.

Perhaps it was because they partnered with Fleet Feet but for an inaugural race this was extremely well organized and managed so people could just have fun and pay homage to their beloved donuts. My only regret is that I am not fast enough to have won donuts for a year. Dear Stan’s... new favorite Chicago 5k!



Who Throws A Show?

I wanted to start by saying that in no way shape or form is this post sponsored by Nike. This post is sponsored by my own savings account and neurotic tendencies to stalk a shoe. If Nike wanted to sponsor this post and throw this girl a pair of Vaporfly 4% in a size 8 she would be 100% ok with that. 

And now to the shoe... can a shoe make you a faster runner? A shoe, no matter how special, is not what got Eliud Kipchoge to run a marathon in 20:00:25. It’s not the reason Amy Cragg and Shalene Flanagan crushed their competition at the Olympic trials. Training and being amazing runners did that. However, if you and they tell me that this shoe gave a bit of an assist then I am certainly going to try it.

Many months of waiting and $250 later thee arrived...



Upon first look and touch this is a gorgeous, very lightweight, thick soles shoe with an incredibly soft top. Even just walking in them you can feel the spring which Nike claims is mostly legal in a running shoe. But these shoes weren’t made for walking...


They were made to fly. Admittedly I was hoping they were awful so I could get my money back. I was (and still am) curious how they would hold up on a run for someone who weighs an average amount. I took these bad boys out for a 3 mile run and it was the kind of glorious run that you need in the middle of a frustrating running season. I’ve been putting in my mileage in the Altra by North Face and while it’s a decent shoe it’s like running with weights attached to your feet. The Vaporfly are the complete opposite. When you set out to run it’s as if you put in zero effort. For all the sole and cushion the very lightweight shoe just becomes an extension of your foot... an extension that makes you feel a bit more like Tigger than your usual self but I am ok with that.


I will be honest, I don’t know now how much is psychosomatic and how much is the shoe but I took 30 sec to a minute off each of my miles today. The only issue is that you need to be able to breathe to keep up with your new found speed, but we can work on that. 

Would I recommend thes shoes? 💯 Overall you should still go to a local shoe store and find the best pair of shoes for you and your gait but if you want to throw caution to the wind  then this gorgeous beast is worth it.

This all being said I am curious to see how they do on a long run and how they hold up over time, but after one run I am in love.