Just Keep Going

This Sunday I completed my second half marathon - The Chicago Half Marathon. Chicago Half Marathon Two medals received for doing two of the three races in the series. Boom. My time was a bit slower than my first half, but that's perfectly fine. This was my first half on my own, no friends running with me as they all bailed. I also paced myself much better. My first half I ran the first six miles at a 10:30 pace and then could barely walk, nevermind run, at the end. This time I started with the 2:30 pacer for the first two miles and then went a little bit ahead but kept my eye on them until about mile 6 at which point I had to walk for a minute and they pulled ahead. Slow but mighty that pace group. Miles 9-11 of this race were pretty brutal as there was no one around to really cheer us on and it was a straight shot of super sunny Lake Shore Drive. But then mile 12 approached and so did all of our cheering teams including my good friend Ellen and her baby, Rudy.

Some of my favorite moments from this race: 1) Around mile 4 we saw the winners coming in the other direction and everyone just started yelling and cheering for them. 2) The volunteers and supporters. You make the decision to get up at the crack of dawn and run for a few hours. They get up and help you make it through. To anyone who has not run a race before, I urge you to sign up. The amount of support you receive during the run will be unlike anything you have experienced before.

Chicago Half Marathon