Why do we call it weight loss?


It's not like I am looking for it and want it back. I am pretty sure we should come up withWeight-Loss-Motivation-Comes-From-Within-28881 another name for it. So instead of saying hey, you look like you lost weight someone should say you look like you removed weight from your body. Or actually, let's be real, maybe you shouldn't say that at all. You would never tell someone they look like they gained weight so why is it OK in the reverse? Let's tell people they look healthy or happy instead. Unless they look grumpy. Then maybe don't tell them they look happy because that's a lie. I am a bit high on endorphins right now as I started off my Friday with a 30 minute abs class. Yes, technically Friday is supposed to be my rest day, but it wasn't a high intensity class so it still counts right? For those keeping track at home, this was my workout this week:

Monday: 4 mile run @ lunch & 500 calorie class at my gym after work Tuesday: TRX @ lunch, arm and chest class and Werq after work Wednesday: Shredded Thursday: 3.98 (so close) mile run @ lunch, Warrior after workFriday: 30 minutes of abs Saturday: stretch day Sunday: 14 mile run... this will be my first long after over 13 miles. I am nervous but as my favorite advice said, "Just keep going."

If you are like what are all of these classes she is talking about, you can check out my gym here. I love them. LOVE THEM. If you are in Chicago and decide to join, tell them I referred you!

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