I love runners


I was talking to a friend who heard from someone else how much he hated runners and how terrible they were and bleh bleh bleh. Now let me tell you why you are wrong: runners are the best. This weekend I was doing 15 miles. By doing I mean I was highly congested and there was a lot of walking involved but I don't care, it was done. When I was heading south on Chicago's Lake Shore path, this women pulled up in front of me and I thought either she is the same girl I have been seeing for miles or someone is wearing a strikingly similar outfit. She pulled out for water and a quick stretch and I passed her by. A few minutes later she pulled up aside me and said, "We keep passing each other! How many miles are you doing today?" And I said 15 how about you and she said 20. We shared a few more niceties and then she pulled ahead of me. Not long after that I turned around to start my trip back and she ended up coming up to pass me again (this gal is fast) and I heard her say " You are doing great!" We passed each other a few more times and yelled for each other each time.

If that doesn't make your run infinitely better I don't know what will. So for those of you who hate runners... I am sorry your experiences have been negative, but the folks I have come across in my journey have been positive, empowering and supportive. So there!

i love runners P.S. This photo was taken after my run as my new fave way to end my last mile is to run through the zoo. There is a lion somewhere in this pic.