Run 10 Feed 10 and get a whole lot of extras


This past Sunday I ran the Women's Health Run 10 Feed 10. Since this was technically my first 10K, I have no clue if I actually beat any of my own PR's although it felt like I did. I started off a bit slow and had joined the 10+ pace group. Around mile 4 I started to kick it into high gear and had some negative splits running around a 10 min pace... and then around miles 5 and 6 that choice caught up with me and I had to slow down a bit. Overall I am very happy with my time (especially considering I barely drank water the day before - oops - and spent the night dancing away at Soul Summit). Run10 Feed10

The race itself started off at Diversey Harbor and since this is my neighborhood I am all thumbs up for that. There seemed to be sort of a low turnout considering the race was for a great cause and it's advertised in Women's Health and everywhere else I seemed to look this year. We also hit what felt like every tiny hill and even a set of stairs on this.... for people that train in flat places like Chicago, this is never any fun. I do have to thank my gym for getting me through it because at least a few times a week they have us running the stairs which means I was in prime conditioning for the few steps we had to run up.

The swag bag and end of race party was also a must have. Instead of race shirts we got some awesome Run 10 Feed 10 tote bags filled with some goodies and post race freebies included yoga, chocolate milk (have I died and gone to heaven?), bagels and fruit. There was also a lovely stretch station and some ladies who wanted to give everyone post race make overs but ladies... I am so incredibly sweaty. The only post race makeover I want is the one that starts with a bath and ends with a shower.

Overall... I'd do this race again. I mean let's be real, if money were not an issue, I would probably do every race at this point.

Run10 Feed10 This is my standard picture face... don't judge me.