Follow Your Heart


Nik WallendaI stole this picture from the Instagram of the very talented JM Tungsten

On Sunday night I trudged downtown with some friends to watch Nik Wallenda complete his tight rope walking across the Chicago river as well as his blind crossing between two buildings. There was an hour and a half of build up for something that took him about 7 min total to complete. And every second of those 7 minutes was just awesome. I've talked to a lot of people who have made comments about how his family members have died and how dangerous it is and bleh bleh bleh. Listen, it is dangerous of course, but it's his job and his love. He does this all the time. I could die at my desk as I am here all the time. Granted my desk isn't sitting above a river without a safety harness, but what I am saying is that he is a professional, and he didn't die. So take that. It might have been the coolest thing I have seen thus far. Live your dreams you guys. Whatever they are, just live them.

In other news... I got my Hot Chocolate race gear in the mail the other day and I am quasi excited for this run. The quasi part is because it's been getting cold in Chicago and the last place I want to be is outside, but come race day I am sure the enrgi will be flowing!