Be Your Own Cheerleader

Yesterday I completed my first 15K... I almost feel like it doesn't actually count as my first since I have run two half marathons, but I have yet to add an actual 15K to my time. So I ran the Hot Chocolate run. I had a dream the night before that I was going to oversleep and then wouldn't get to the corral in time. For some reason when I woke up I hung out for a bit before finally hopping on a bus. Said bus went at a decent clip, but when we got downtown it was re-routed and instead of informing anyone it just started to head back north which meant I then ran down to Grant Park and still needed to drop my stuff off at gear check. None of this actually mattered though as once I got into my corral, I still stood around for an hour before the race started. Yee haw? The problem with this long of a wait is that once I actually got out to run, my legs felt like clumps of cold ice and didn't want to move... luckily they did. The beginning of the race I will admit that I wasn't in a great mental space. I felt cold, I didn't want to keep running and just wanted to walk. But I did not. Every time I just wanted to stop I would mentally yell at myself and say things like you are doing great and keep going!

I ended up running the entire 9.2 miles (OK so I walked through two water stations as I can't drink and run but whateves). I also did not have on my Nike Running app as I did not want to drain my battery and was trying to figure out my pacing based on the clocks on the route and based on how I felt. Turns out... I was six min under what I was hoping to run at (11 mph.... not super fast but it's distance yo) and kept that up pretty consistently. I also let myself go while running down the tiny hills. Not let myself go as in I ate a bunch of food and got fat, but I am definitely a downhill breaker when I run and after reading a Hal Koerner's Field Guide to Ultrarunning I am trying to stop that, so I just let my legs do my thing and run. I finished the run in 1:40:52. Every time I look at my times I think I could do that faster, but actually I am really proud of how I did. Next time hopefully my time will improve, but for now, this is hella good!


P.S. High fiving other runners might be one of my favorite things. It might sound silly, but something about it just motivates you to run more. There was a turn around on this course and I found that every time I would high five someone I would run a little bit faster. Try it out! Support yourself and support each other! We are all in this together! (yes, you should now start singing the song from High School Musical... duh).