Rock Your Resolutions


I meant to write earlier, but you guys.... it's cold outside. And cold means I don't want to do a thing. Did you all have a good holiday? I had every intention of regularly working out while I was home, but I got a sinus infection and only ran the mountains of New Hampshire once. Oh and for future notice, if your nephew gives you directions on how to get somewhere, first ask him if its downhill first because it's much nicer to run down a mountain than to run up it. Anyway, the second part of this post is about resolutions... because it's January. I am sure we have all been rocking the out how much my resolutions have changed this year vs last year. Last year I wanted to run around the block at the gym and not be dead. I wanted to keep up. This year I have the following health related resolutions... or rather goals...

  • Run my first marathon
  • Do a TRX hand stand burpee
  • Do a box jump (they are real hard when you are 4'11)
  • Do a pull up
  • Things on my list last year that I never got to: learn to do a handstand and a cartwheel

    At the end of last year monkey bars was also on that list but in one class we were doing them and that day I decided I am doing this. Lo and behold, I was actually able to complete the monkey bars. Check!

    What are your 2015 health resolutions?

    Oh and something else I can check off my list, I am now the proud owner of the Nike snakeskin pants (thanks mom!). They are just as dreamy as I thought they would be. Relatively warm, super soft to the touch, no visible crotch sweat (I think)... highly recommended!