Behold the Power of Yax Trax


Winter is coming... or rather it's here and while I attempted to do some indoor running, let's be real: I got real bored, real fast. I tried to do some weird interval training because I couldn't even push myself through a 2 mile run. So you better believe that when the Chicago weather went from 0 to 30 I was outside in a heart beat. The only problem? All that snow and ice on the ground. And in walk Yak Trax. I am sure you more seasoned runners are like duh, we know, but for those winter newbies like myself, let me just tell you that these bad boys are pretty magical. They slide on your shoes and mean you can get through the snow and ice while maintaining your usual pace. OK, OK, my usual pace is pretty slow anymore so maybe for you fasties you still need to slow down a tad, but if you don't have a pair of these bad boys yet, go get them stat!! Also, I actually bought Yax Trax for walking, and they are good enough for me, but these bad boys come in the running variety and I would put my money on the fact that they are even better!