I have a problem

I admit that I probably work out "too much" especially compared to most people. I get high on the endorphins from running and going to the gym and quite frankly, I enjoy those two things immensely so when I sit 8 hours a day for work, why not do them? What I do find interesting though, is how people think it's OK to tell me I workout too much. When I sat and watched TV all weekend, marathoning Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls and 90210 and never leaving my couch, no one ever said you watch too much TV. Wasn't that worse for my health? So what gives you the right to comment on how much I go to the gym? Should I be careful? Of course. Do I want to make sure I don't actually injure myself. Duh. Are rest days important? According to everything I have read YES YES YES. But do you actually have a right to comment on how much time I spend at the gym? Me thinks not.