IMG_3864 It's 27 degrees and it's Friday. I am having issues motivating myself to run at lunch... we will see how this turns out. Here is something crazy though, this pic above... left to right it's May 2014 to January 2015. Not a lot of time has passed and yet, that's how I look now. Still sporting my Enrgi tank because.... gym love. Tomorrow we will do 1,000 burpees.... I like impossible tasks. Gives you something to strive for. It also gives you a chance to work on your positive thinking because there is no way I could start a task like thinking I will absolutely, 100% fail. I will let you know how it goes!

Last weekend I went to VibeUp's first event and I wanted to give them some blog love because you gotta support your homies right? $40 for yoga, food, drinks, chair massages and fun times with friends. The next event is at the end of February at Brooklyn Boulder. Check it out! IMG_3890  IMG_3891

Tonight, I am hitting up the newest Chicago Athleta store opening... who have I become?

Oh, and if you are like why is this post so boring? Sorry about that, I just kind of want a nap right now.

P.S. I discovered a somewhat genius way of practicing box jumps for those of us who just can't do them yet.... use your couch! Mine is not too floppy and has a pretty solid base so I can jump with the freedom of knowing that if I fail it won't hurt THAT much.

You can't stop progress!