Can I get a what, what?

IMG_3897Sisters are doin it for themselves...

Last weekend kicked off with a great start. Friday evening I went to the Athleta Oak Street opening where, as a VIP, I was gifted with some Chaturanga pants... which I then wore for three days straight. Shhhhh don't tell anyone. The VIP experience included a meet up at Core Power yoga where I discovered a sweater I absolutely need (a cat doing yoga, yes please! Too bad it's $54!!)

IMG_3893 (2)

... a ride on a double-decker bus (and all the hot chocolate we could handle) over the store on Oak Street where we were able to shop early and dine on all the yummy snacks and free wine. Thanks Athleta!

IMG_3905 Torturing our girl who was first in line to get into Athleta where the VIPs were...

On Saturday, I did a three-mile run and then joined my gym for what turned into a fun adventure - 1,000 burpee challenge. For two hours, we did 10 burpees a min with some built-in breaks and had mini dance parties to keep our spirits up. We celebrated with champagne and cake so no complaints from me.

Except for this complaint, since I did not take any rest days, for this entire week my IT band/quad muscle have been in unbelievable pain and I have no been able to do a squat. So sad!

This weekend, post a Chicago blizzard, brings temps in high 30s so while I am supposed to take a rest day tomorrow to get these legs back in working order... it's more likely I will be outside running (followed by massive drinking over at Cider Summit). Priorities.

P.S. Athleta gimme dem pants... IMG_3899