You better work!


Last night in class, just for poops and giggles, I looked at the TRX which was set high above my head and I thought, I am gonna do a pull up. Lo and behold.... I did. So then I thought, ok so  how come I can do one or two or three on the TRX but not on the bars? Post class I got some help from a couple of super stellar friends, Greg and Darcy, and we talked through/attempted pulls up on the bars (with like a million steps under me because let's be real, I'm only 4'11 yo). Here is the cool thing though, I kind of did two. I mean ok so it wasn't so much pulling up as it was jumping up a little and being above the bar and then slooowwwly letting myself down, but hey, that's still progress yo. So suck on that feelings of can't. Sassy_gay_friend

Also, I was google imaging get it gurl and I have no clue why this photo was included, but it's the delight, amazing and wonderful Brian Gallivan so I thought it was only appropriate to include it here. If you don't know Brian, check out his show, The McCarthy's... of which he is the creator and writer.

P.S. My ACE Group Fitness materials came in the mail last night. That's right yall, this girl is studying to be a trainer.... shit just got real. 10985101_10152546005126652_4997126991036076029_n