Shamrock Shake?

No, it's a Shamrock Shuffle. Another year of running is off to a start... and it went out with a bang? The weather was a bit chilly and there was a section around mile 3 that was a straight up wind tunnel. What do you do in a tunnel of wind? Why sprint through it of course and then later remember that sprinting through something is going to tire you out quicker but you say that's fine... and then your phone dies in the last mile so you just start singing the chorus of the last song you were listening to over and over again... thank god for people cheering for their friends... and overall... you ran your best yet so that's pretty darn awesome... AND you did it for a cause so that's even more awesome. picstitch Last year vs this year... for those wondering, my average pace this year was a 9:38 which for me is damn good esp for an 8K... that's usually the 5K pace I try to get.

15603_10153141885539675_5561776154847499031_n Team Urban Initiatives!

And now... I must prepare to do 500 burpees... as you do (when you are insane)