Where did you, Where did you go?


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yt-KMPvgKPo&w=420&h=315] It’s been far too long since I have blogged and for that I apologize, but I will offer you this as an excuse, I just couldn’t remember my log in password… terrible excuse, I know. I KNOW!! I can’t even pretend it’s a good one. At least while I wasn’t blogging, I promise I was obsessively working out and doing health related things.

Here were things that I did want to write about, most of them being related to the theory of kismet (is it a theory? It is now. I just declared it):

1) It’s finally getting warmer in Chicago and that means that everyone and their mom who runs is out and about. My lunch lake front path has been pretty inundated with folks, but there was one of those sunny days where everything felt good and as I was running I ran into my walker friend (we’ve never actually met but see each other every day on the path) and he gave me the usual smile and wave and then I saw the man who keeps the railings and path clean and he gave me a nod and it just felt really good. Like yes, I should be outside today.

2) I am working on a new project and am trying to get together a non-profit for at risk youth to bring them health and fitness programs. But not your standard programs where they do basic gym stuff and talk about eating healthy, I want to bring them exciting things that they wouldn’t normally have an opportunity to do. Luckily my day job is doing a Pay It Forward Initiative this year, and while I have been bemoaning the fact that they don’t know what Pay It Forward means, this actually came in quite handy for me. I was able to have them sponsor a one-off program where we brought the kids over to Enrgi Fitness and had an American Ninja Warrior style course set up for them. I also hooked up with Kind Bars who was super generous and donated lots of bars for the kids to eat that day as well as to take home.

CYP Ninja Kids

I am insanely excited to work on putting together additional programs and after realizing that the creator of my favorite Chicago Running Group, Three Run Two, is the same guy who rings of my egg and cheese Fetia everytime I go to Sultan’s Market, I am hoping to get involved with them somehow. The only question on my mind…. is how do I do all of these things while still working, workout out, rehearsing, studying for ACE and training for a marathon? As Nike would say:

just-do-it-6888 Speaking of Nike, have ‘yall seen these pants?? NIKE-PRO-POLIS-TIGHT-LA-719495_480_A_PREM

P.S. The home image for this post is another silly project of mine. I am putting together some fitspiration images… sort of like the ones that are like sweat hard, own it hard… or you know, things like that… except mine are all one hit wonders. To see more of them check out my Instagram!