A weekend in pants

picstitchI've been slowly transitioning away from black pants only, though I still worry about the elusive (it's not so elusive) crotch sweat.  Saturday I laid low and just took a stretch class while sporting the new Nike Tight of Moment which I convinced my boss to buy me for Admin Appreciation day because mama can't afford that rock n roll lifestyle. Sunday was slightly more active... I went for a 6 mile run... and didn't take a picture of those pants, but they might be retired soon anyway as they no longer really fit. Also, maybe don't eat all of the snacks and drink no water if you are going to go for a long run the next day. Make smart choices kids.

Following what could be described as a "run," (I mean it was, just slower than I would have liked) I headed over to Bare Feet Yoga in the West Loop (does anyone else immediately want to get rich, get married, get a dog and have babies when they are in the west loop?) in these Athleta bad boys which feel like your favorite PJs for a very awesome Hip-Hop Yoga workshop. It was focused on hip openers and I highly, highly recommend it if they offer again. Repeat: HIGHLY RECOMMEND. YOU GUYS... can you tell I liked it? Can you? Because I did. I loved it. Thank you Bare Feet!

In other words, bring some fun pants into your life if you are going to be active. Might as well feel awesome while you are being awesome ya dig?