What's Your Secret Sauce?


A co-worker asked me this this morning and I don't know why, but it annoyed me tremendously. It's not a secret. I workout. A lot. Two hours a day most days. I run, I crosstrain, I do yoga. I eat mostly well... and then eat some junk too but I don't stress about the junk too much because I eat mostly well. But it's not a secret. Let's not pretend that hard work is a secret. You want to be healthy and feel great and be able to do things you never thought you could do? You gotta work!

That being said, this was my Monday evening workout... doesn't sound horrible but Theresa called it Back to The Future and it was a waterfall workout throughout the hour so you did

10 burpees

10 Heismans on each side and 10 burpees

10 Squat and Arnold Press, 10 Heismans, 10 burpees

10 Bearcrawls, 10 Squat and Arnold Press, 10 Heismans, 10 burpees...



This workout was my second of the day and turned out to be my third as my elevators were broken when I got home so I had the joy of walking up 11 flights of stairs (added on to the 11 flights of stairs missing from this picture). And then I ate all the things... a caprese quesadilla and fake guacamole deviled eggs, chocolate milk and a few Samoas (girls gotta have some fun). This morning... I ran 3.32 miles to work, will do 30 minutes of TRX at lunch followed by 30 minutes of SWAT post work... so my secret sauce? HARD WORK!!

P.S. I don't necessarily condone workout out for two hours a day. I mean if you want to then go for it, because it's YOUR AMERICA, but also take care of your body!