I'm all about that bass


No but seriously, I love the crud out of music. It's my jam. Sometimes jam is my jam, but most of the time music is my jam. In fact, Sunday night I was so hopped up on endorphins and good music that it took me a solid 30 minutes to motivate myself to cook because I was too busy having a one man dance party in my kitchen. And as I texted my fabulous friends, it's really hard to get things out of the fridge when you are trying to twerk. I download a lot of different running apps and music running apps in a constant quest to get the best songs to run to. This week I tried Adidas Go which uses Spotify and is supposed to pull from your favorites and your pace, but it had me running to some slow R&B songs... are you saying I run slow? It was 5am. What do you want from me Adidas?? I also tried Spotify's new running sync which is pretty neat. It pulls your run pace and you can choose the genre of songs you want and then bam... music. All in all though, I am pretty jazzed about the list I am forming on Spotify which I have titled: Run run run dance dance dance

The Hardest Part About Breaking Up - 2gether Pretty Fly - The Offspring Emergency - Icona Pop Whistle - Katy Tiz The Big Bang - Katy Tiz The Walker - Fitz & the TantrumsElectric Love - Borns Go - The Chemical Brothers Ghost - Halsey Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars Geronimo - Sheppard Jealous - Chromeo Ezra's Interlude - Chromeo Bring the Noize - M.I.A. Happy - C2C Hey Now - Matt & Kim Whatta Man - Salt-N-Pepa Gonna Make You Sweat - C&C Music Factory Another Night - Real McCoy Party in the U.S.A - Miley Cyrus Dog Days Are Over - Florence & The Machine Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh - Say Hi Dancing with myself - The Donnas Here it goes again - OK GO Toxic - Britney Bitch Daylight - Matt & Kim Straight Up - Paula Abdul Forever Your Girl - Paula Abdul Cold Hearted - Paula Abdul Opposites Attract - Paula Abdul Motown Philly - Boyz II Men Explosion - Eli "Paperboy" Reed Heroes - Alesso All of You - Betty Who

This list is still growing, but to answer your question: yes, I have eclectic tastes.

And since this is a workout blog... to summarize this week's workouts: Happy.

I've already mentioned the race that should not be mentioned, but on Sunday I also went to the world's greatest yoga class at Bare Feet yoga and giggled more than I've ever giggled before. I followed that up with some bouldering at Brooklyn Boulders. Monday my calves felt like rocks after mud running in my Mizuno Evo Levitas but I pulled out a 3 mile lunch run and did some 500 calorie at Enrgi where I am working on things like Superman Push ups. Today I did a mean TRX class and will tackle my first set up hill sprints after work.

Oh and P.S. My marathon tank came the other day and I am so excited about it... except that it's a tiny bit small, let's hope it stretches... and sweats well!