Weight is a number


People tell you not to focus on a number when you are trying to lose weight, but that's easier said then done. However I will say this: they are right. I set a goal marathon weight as I figured it would be nice to run with less weight on me and it'd be cool to have less weight on me when I do pull ups. Five months ahead of schedule I hit that target. So now what? Mentally I say well cool let me try to maintain or lose five more pounds but when does that mentality stop? I'm 100% happy with how I look now and don't actually need to lose five more. I started this post two days ago and lost my train of thought but moral of the story is that setting a goal weight is nice but also terrible because there is no end point and what does a weight number tell you? It's not a measure of strength, or how many pull ups or push ups you can do, or how fast you can run. It's not a measure of you as a person or how much good you do in the world. It's not a measure of how much you love yourself or even how much you like yourself. It's just a number.

Be more than a number.

Ya dig?