The Truth Behind Athletes


I was reading an article yesterday on Greatist about the new trend of glamorizing #fitspiration and how we have gone from fantasizing over sexy thin models to fantasizing over athletes working out in tiny clothes. While athletes have bangin bods and it's hard to deny they are anything but sexy, let's talk about what their bodies really look like. No, I am not talking about how "magically" in shape they are. (P.S. It's not magic, it's an unbelievable amount of hard work and in some cases, genetics). I'm talking about the idea of perfection. I am talking about what our bodies look like when we beat them up on a regular basis. Should we still love our bodies? Eff yes! We should be wearing our callouses with pride. But for those of you who think that every yogi and crossfitter out there is just a hot girl in tiny shorts, let me tell you a few secrets of what some bodies look like under all that glamor.Since I can't actually talk about professionals, or really yogis or the people of crossfit, what I can tell you about is me: someone who trains almost every day at the gym doing various crosstraining/bootcamp type classes and who spends the rest of the time running:

      • Chafing: Legs, arms, middle of your boob. We can use things like body glide, but these things still happen.
      • Blisters: You know where these occur. Your feet. But also sometimes your hands if you are using monkey bars.
      • Callouses: I used to wear my TRX gloves all the time because I wanted to retain my soft, lady like palms. I have since given up and my new palms often look like they got beat up by someone on a courtyard. Lots of callouses, blisters, occasional peeling and today, skin ripped off the middle. Why? Because I was playing on monkey bars and swinging around and it was a damn fine time. IMG_0363
      • Stomachs: I can't really tell you what these look like, but I can tell you that running is going to mess with your stomach. It's a delicate balance of what you eat prior to and during a run. And when you get home it's a more delicate balance of get the hell out of my way because I am headed for the bathroom.
          Am I ending this post talking about poop? Yes, yes I am.