I've become that guy...


Sometimes I hate that I have turned into a person who loves inspirational things, but how can you not love being inspired. I was listening to this interview with Aaron Keith of Ascension Programs and it's just a lovely reminder to work hard towards the goals you want to achieve. You can achieve anything by just standing around and crossing your fingers. Training notes this week: My shoulder girdle is in beastly pain but thank god for painkillers. Run training has increased a bit and I have discovered that getting up and immediately going for a run means I am doing some slow, slow runs. And that's ok. This morning was another set of hill sprints where I slow-jogged over to the one hill in Chicago and went up and down it 8 times while a couple took engagement photos nearby. Engagement photos at 5:30am? Yeah, I'd rather be sleeping then being told to kiss my loved one... then again, I am not engaged... so who am I to judge?

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