Today's Run...


Felt good. I am pretty sure it was my bodies way of saying good things are happening in the world right now so this run is going to be heart pumping, pace going well good. 5 miles. 5:30am. 10min miles. To you that might be slow. To me, that's awesome. Also, this video is everything. It's crazy that we live in the world where genders and races and nationalities have to fight to prove that they are equal to white men in every way and deserve the same kinds of treatments... because fuck it. Men are strong. Women are strong. Everyone is strong. Except for those people who aren't trying. But heck, even those people are strong, they just haven't figured it out yet.

P.S. Have you seen Donuts and Deadlifts yet? Speaking of strong, this is my new obsession. Their shirts are amaze and their instagram pics are even more amaze. Mouth watering greatness in every way.