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Sometimes I wonder if once you know you want something you seek out things that push you in that direction or those things were always there and you are finally opening your eyes to them. This article from Jeana Anderson over at A Sweat Life is one of those moments. Read it now:

5 Things I Learned Since I Quit My Day Job

My favorite part?

"I believe that a life well-lived is full of adventure and passion and that by working diligently and intelligently, you can achieve anything – even those goals that live so deep within you that you’re afraid to say them aloud."

P.S. This morning... I woke up late but knew I had to get in a three mile run before the 90 degrees that is this afternoon, so I flew out the door and completed one of my faster 3 miles to date. Definitely a change from my usual slow morning starters, but it felt fantastic!