Oh hi, I'm tired


Sometimes you feel like a workout monster and you just want to eat all the workouts and be the best and sometimes you take a class and it destroys you and you just can't figure out why. Last night at Enrgi I took my beloved Warrior with Robert. Robert is always tough and that's one of the many (we are talking thousands) of reasons why we love him, but last night... Downstairs: Sprint ladders to 5

Upstairs: 2 min per station x3 Run .25 mile 10 Burpees/ 6 Pull-ups / 4 Toes2Bar Row 400M 20 KB Swings / 20 Thrusters 50 Box Steps / 10 Box Jumps

Please note that these box steps started at 50 but my group was the first to go and we finished too quickly so he upped it to 60 box steps and 15 box jumps. I am not saying this workout looks easy, but it was just awful and I don't necessarily understand why. You had two minutes to complete each station. If you finished, you got a break. If you didn't finish, you basically did the station straight for 3 minutes. Each moment I had to breathe was like the greatest moment of my life. The rowing... while I finished each time (I mean just barely) slowly destroyed me. Today I have a sore lower back, tight hamstrings and tight arms.... none of this is a complaint, it's just a statement: this workout monster met it's match.