Guts, Do you have em?


This morning while tackling some 5:30am heat and running my legs off (or at least as fast as my short legs can be run off), I had all these things that I was going to post about... sadly they have all left my brain now. But here is something I've been thinking about: When I was running the Chicago Spring Half these women near me were chatting and I heard one of them say something about how wearing cute clothes doesn't make you a better runner so it doesn't really matter what you wear. And yes, that is true. And there is nothing wrong with wearing shorts with holes in them and your favorite 20 year old shirt. But ladies... I like cute clothes. I want to wear cute clothes. And quite frankly when I am swimming in a pool of my own sweat and I get home and my cats go to town licking my legs because they are covered in salt and for some reason that is appealing to cats, it makes me feel slightly better that at least my outfit was on point. Also when people stare at all of the sweat stains covering said on point clothing at first I think, oh they are noticing how great my shirt is... not, yes, this is an entirely different color because THAT'S HOW SWEATY I AM.

So it's fine if you don't want to wear cute clothes. Beyond fine. But if I want to wear cute clothes, and a company wants to make me their brand ambassador and give me all the free clothes (cough, cough, Nike. cough cough Mizuno. cough cough Athleta. Cough cough Panache. cough cough Vita Coco) then even better. You do you, but I'm gonna do me.