Adventures in Sweatworking


Yesterday was a three a day workout, which I don't condone, but sometimes we do things that we regret the next day, but don't regret at the time. In the morning I did an interval tempo run that was supposed to be 10K pace and recovery pace... but my legs only know two speeds: fast (for me) and walking. I ended up running 4.5 miles with a 5K interval pace and a 10K pace. Then I had to actually stop and start running again to get a slower cool down pace. I am not at all fast, but my legs just don't want to move slow anymore... except I can't sustain that at all. So my legs and my body need figure something out so I don't wind up like the dead body they found in Lake Michigan. Second workout of the day was 30 minutes of Suspension Training. My teachers changed for this class and I am still undecided on how I feel about it. We do a bit more cardio now and since I get my cardio elsewhere, I am a little meh about it. But you aren't here to hear me whine. Maybe you are... in which case, sorry but I am moving on from that topic.


Workout number three: Spinning at Soul Cycle with Sweatworking. I can't say that I am as obsessed with Soul Cycle as some people seem to be, and for $30 a class... yeah no. But I do enjoy their tunes (which you can find on Spotify) and I enjoy any workout with low lighting so you can't see my sweat until it's too late.


For those of you who are like yeah but what is Sweatworking? Well, if you live in Chicago, check it out! It's a series of events put on by A Sweat Life. They hit up various gyms throughout Chicago and send you and some strangers through different workouts. In the past they have gone to Enrgi, Bare Feet Yoga, Cross Town and different Barre studios. Price is decent, you can meet some cool, athletically minded people and get some swag.... who does not love swag? The swag at Soul Cycle included: free water, towel and shoes courtesy of Soul, Luna Bars galore courtesy of Luna, Vita Coco water, Saki from a company whose name I can't remember, a toothbrush from some dentist (random but healthy teeth are important) and giveaways from places like MUD... and some other places that I missed! For the low price of the event itself you are basically a dummy if you miss out! A dummy I say!

P.S. That featured image came up when I put three a day into Google image search... who am I to question food?