Pick Up the Phone


Because this post is all about finding your calling. My friend/un-official life coach, Lucy, sent me this article from Gretchen Rubin (The Happiness Project): Have You Ever Felt A "Call" To Do A Certain Type of Work? Lucy always seems to know what to send me in order for me to keep progressing down the paths I need to be on instead of being complacent. I could say I hate my job, but the truth is I don't. I just don't love it and it's not where I am meant to be. When I was younger I tried to get out of acting and was studying to be a veterinary in college. Then I discovered improv and I got sucked back in and I just knew... while I may never be a famous comedian or actor... I am meant to act and write. I can't get rid of you. "I can't quit you."

As I get older, I feel a general all-around call to just be creative in whatever way possible. Writing, acting, improv, voice-over, photography, letterpress, t-shirt creator, bleh bleh bleh... it all makes my heart happy. What else makes my heart happy? Fitness. Which is weird because most of my youth my mom would say you should go workout and being a teenager I would flip her the middle finger. But I love it and it makes me happy and I want to pursue it. I want it to be a thing that is my life (along with all the creative shit).

As I am working on these projects to help kids do fun fitness and nutrition programs and the work is "easy," it also just feels right. I mean sometimes you do have to put in more work and that's OK... but these are the things that keep my heart light. The real question becomes how do I make that my life and still pay for all these Nike pants?