I just wanted to take a minute to share this PSA with the ladies of the world who work out: You will not bulk up from lifting heavy weights. This is a common misconception, but not an actual truth. We do not have enough testosterone to bulk up and those women who are body builders and are bulked up, are women who are working very hard to achieve that. Lift heavy weights = build awesome muscles = carry your damn groceries all the way from the store to your house by yourself. Lift heavy weights = build awesome muscles = welcome to the gun show.

It's toning, it's not bulking. Let's nip that untruth in the bud so folks who still don't know will approach those weights and say ya know what, today I am going to lift using 15lbs and I am going to feel like a total badass a result.

And in other news... this is what happens when you need to get on the ball and study for your ACE test... you tape muscles to your bathroom mirror in hopes of studying them... Muscles

As for my training... my body is tired. Five mile run today was not as rough as last Friday, but tough nonetheless. My entire lower body is really looking forward to just going home and rest tonight so it can get up tomorrow and run. The rest of my schedule:

Monday: 3 mile run Tuesday: 30 min suspension training Wednesday: 30 min ropes + 60 min Warrior (cardio, weights, fun times)  + 30 min foam rolling Thursday: 60 min Warrior Friday: 5 miles Saturday: 8 mile run Sunday: 60 min. yoga

This marathon training is for real yo.

*Featured image stolen from the very badass and inspiring Robin Arzon.