It Will Be Ok


Things are finally happening. This summer has meant working towards a lot of things and they are finally starting to come to fruition. Friday night we had our first preview for It Came From Kentucky and it went surprisingly well. Thank goodness. Very few notes and changes which meant I went into the weekend with a clear and happy mind.

Saturday was a slightly rough run as it was a 10 miler and I headed south where there is no coverage and even fewer water fountains and I didn't sleep as much as I would have liked. HOWEEEVVVVVER, I did it and then I went to get Shredded at Enrgi and I felt fine. I feel like I should be sore, but I am not. Speaking of Enrgi... they just got new recovery boots and hip things and I am so very excited to check these out on Friday!


More importantly, this morning I overslept and decided to do a mid-day run despite the heat and somehow, I found my sea legs. I cut three minutes off my three mile time and it felt great. It didn't feel like I was pushing too hard, though I know I was breathing deeper.

There are bad runs and there are good runs and while I can't ever explain to someone who doesn't run how these effect your mindset, they do. A bad run makes you feel like you just wasted your time and like everything you have worked for was for naught and a good run makes you feel like a magical unicorn prancing around in a field of poppies.