It's The Freakin Weekend...


Or rather it was the weekend and now it's over. I am in a mental rut today and perhaps that's because it's Monday, but I had a stellar weekend of training and funning so it's time to get outta that rut yo. 2014officespace3

Recoveri Boots

Friday - 7 miles & checking out the new Recoveri Boots at Enrgi. My notes: I will definitely use them again though the compression is a bit weird to get used and since I am so short, my lady parts got some extra compression. I mean not really.... but kind of?

I was also going to attempt my first ride on a Divvy but there was only one bike at the station near my house (darn you air & water show) and I couldn't get the seat lowered... you win some you lose some?

Fleet Feet Zoo Saturday - 12 miles My fave parts of long runs, aside from just being outside and doing them, are the Fleet Feet aid stations where they provide us with water and Gatorade (THANK YOU) and ending my runs through the Lincoln Park zoo. What's cooler than running a bunch of miles and then seeing zebras and lions?

11866409_10152880326246652_2756952326977818241_n Sunday - rooftop yoga, knead to stretch and some pool time with my homies. *That pic isn't me, but it's of my delightful teacher Natalie and I took it before class started and she was just running through everything. I am calling myself the yoga paparazzi.

Monday - 3 miles & 500 with Theresa (which I haven't take yet... but will... in a few hours... you know, when it's time for class) and then I have another appointment with ye ole recoveri boots.

I was a bit paranoid to swim because of previously whined about shingles, but they are actually healing and my friends were like:


Sooooo moral of the story for this weekend is that it's hot and I am over it, but I should stop being mentally whiny because really things are pretty great. Sometimes you just get in a funk I guess... and sometimes you are just straight up funky.


Oh and in further reasons I should get the eff over it and just be happy: yesterday one of my friends that I haven't seen in a bit gave me the greatest compliment and told me that I look like a trainer... i.e. that I have muscles. I have been a bit paranoid about this as not that you have to be super cut to teach, but a lot of instructors are and I wouldn't want someone to walk into my class and be like this girl is teaching? Because I can do cool things... not everything, but things. So thanks for making my day Ellen!