A Weekend Came And You Won't Believe What Happened Next


The weekend has come and mostly gone and it can best be described as one of those "that plastic bag is so beautiful" kind of weekends. The Bad Friday

5 mile run. I started out at 5am only to discover that I was dehydrated and actually too light headed to run. Drink more water people. I tried to push through and eventually gave in and realized I just needed to head home.


My initial thought was that I could go again later in the day, but instead I spend my lunch hour in Enrgi's Recoveri Boots and spent the evening at the opening of my show: It Came From Kentucky.

The Good Saturday 8 mile run. Which went MUCH better. As in I was able to complete it, and relatively quickly and it made me feel like a dog in the wind.


My Saturday cool down was a 15 min boot camp (have you tried boot camps in the sand, it's hard yo) and a SUP class with CTF and led by Theresa (I might be a bit biased but she is just the very best). I have been so scared to try SUP but it wasn't as difficult as my mind made it out to be and Chicago is just so beautiful from every angle, especially the middle of the water.

As I basked in the sun and walked home (through the zoo to try to find the baby sloth) I had one of those moments where I saw people running, biking, boot camping and doing yoga and I thought man, what a great, healthy and awesome city. Good work at being inspiring Chicago.

Saturday night I completed a challenge from Sasha for my Truth or Dare post. Sasha challenged me to take an art class and make something new for my home. I adjusted the challenge just a tad and invited my gals to paint some pottery with me at Glazed Expressions. It was an epically enjoyable evening though I can't draw for crap (yes, the inside of my mug says meow... to make up for the cat I attempted to draw on the other side but I can only assume will come out looking like a black blob).



Yoga and Knead to Stretch at Enrgi. I love me some yoga with Natalie, though my flexibility is in serious question.


I then joined Greg at Brooklyn Boulder for some climbing time. Though I question how much I actually climbed. Greg has made some killer progress. I, on the other hand, am basically back at square one. I also spent an absurd amount of time watching this incredible little girl climb all the things.


And if you want to know how my Monday and Tuesday went:


Quick 3 mile lunch run 500 at Enrgi after work where we did group challenges... I would explain it, but I can't really. However I can say that my team, Ponies and Rockstars, were absolutely rockstars and won.


4 mile increasing interval run. I find intervals really difficult as I just want to run as fast as I can and at times I have to sit and tell myself to slow down. Life is so hard you guys.


No it's not.

Oh, P.S. On my walk to Brooklyn on Sunday I was immersed in my phone and a gentleman stopped me to point out a butterfly. While my initial reaction was to judge his excitement over a butterfly, it made me remember how jazzed I was to find the beauty in things on Saturday, and here he was in the same mental state. So be happy my man.

Sometimes a plastic bag is more than a plastic bag.