Take It outdoors


I was very inspired by Bethany Meyers and brought my TRX workout outside yesterday... at least attempted to. The swings are decently high for me and the ground underneath had been dug into by the feet of happy children but I still got in some single leg lunges, single leg burpees and hand stand push-ups. q3jxm

To watch the full video (all 15 sec of it) head to my Instagram.

In other news, while I am not one to take tons of here is my body pics, I am trying to cut down on processed foods and sugars and the results are pretty impressive... by impressive I mean fairly quick. The bottom pic is from August 3rd and the top is from August 24th.

IMG_4911 Speaking of eating healthy... I might have had a binge party on Saturday when I was out with my friends and enjoyed this Aloha cookie from Stella Barra that is the size of my head. Worth every bite.


* I can't figure out how to get Wordpress to turn this photo which is vertical in my photo editor.... c'est la vie and carpe diem!