No Words


I feel like I should post something of value here, but really I've got nothing right now. Here's what I do have, this past month (August) I finally reached 100 miles of running! Not like 100 miles total, ever. But 100 miles for the month. That is not a lot for super runners who run all the time, but this was a personal best for me... and it meant I was late for work as I woke up late but knew that a) I must complete my run and b) I must hit 100 miles which meant tacking on .4 more than my usual Monday. .4 is not big...unless you are late for work and then it's like well I better run this fast... 100


In other news, the Chicago Women's Half is this weekend and I will be running. Last year I ran the 5K with my mom and my friend Betsy. My mom is not a runner and trained sort of and finished in about 45 min I think. Pretty impressive for a non running 60+ year old! This year I am running with three friends and people keep asking what time I am getting there, etc. etc and I honestly have paid very little attention to this race. I am excited for it, but my brain can only handle a few things at a time and right now those things are, in order of importance: 1) Marathon, marathon, marathon, 2) ACE test, 3) Boubon Chase. OK so ACE is equally as important as marathon, but marathon training is more draining and is causing me to pay attention to how many days I get at the gym/how well rested my legs are/other slashes sooooooooooo it's number 1 yall.

P.P.S. This is from last week when I dragged myself out of bed to get in that 6 mile 5am run. It was pitch black. I spent the run thinking of how I would protected myself if I was accosted. And then I spent the rest of the day in standing pigeon at my desk. Yoga is real.


P.P.P.S. I was going to include a pic from my 12 mile run on Saturday where I got to run in the rain and jaunt through the zoo and see some monkeys in an embrace, but I didn't put it here. You can however see it on my Instagram!