The Weekend Rundown


Thanks to my company, I met my goal for Team Fox for the January Disney Half Marathon. Yay! Thanks un-named company! Speaking of half marathons, on Sunday I ran the Chicago Women's Half and here's what happened:

The Expo Expo This year the expo was held outside on Michigan Ave which was super convenient and it was nice to be outside HOWEVER that meant that anyone at all was able to get in on the free goodies. And when I say free goodies... what I mean is things that I paid $70 to run a race to get. While this is great advertising for the companies, it meant standing in a bunch of lines with people who had no clue what they were standing in line for. Though I did nab a cute screenprinted tote from Nordstrom and a bow for Eva from American Girl.

*And now a word from our sponsors: Speaking of Eva, check out her first music video here. And in case you are like who the heck is Eva... she is my amazing niece.*

Pre-race Prep*The night before I like to get everything ready that I need including my bib, change of clothes, outfit for the day, trusty Mizuno's, hat, Ultimate Direction pack, Vita Coco, and sliced dates. I also always run with my ID, credit card and Aetna card just in case.

 Chicago Women's Half 5

Race Day

I am neurotic and like to be at races early, though I got a bit of a late start for this one. It was 70 degrees by 7am which I am guessing made some people decide not to run, but the actual turn out was nice and small so you could actually find things like gear check and the pacers for where you wanted to start. I found the 2:20 pacers and decided to stick with them for the entire half which proved to be a terrible decision. Miles 1 and 2 they were weaving around people and Nike told me I was running around a 9 min pace which I definitely cannot sustain for 13 miles. They eventually slowed down a bit and by the end were taking a few walking breaks but at that point I had decided to keep them in my sights but really just do my own thing as I had no clue what their running plan was.

Chicago Women's Half 2 In terms of the race itself, they did a pretty decent job of keeping us cool. I wish there had been some sort of water station somewhere between miles 9-10 as it was hot, but otherwise every station had misting stations, there were people with sprinklers and at mile 11 we were given wet towels. My friends also received cups with ice which I did not get, but I did grab two waters at every station: one wet in my mouth and the other went over my head. I would also like to mention that I have no clue who the race volunteers were, but they were amazing. My guess is that they were high school kids and they were so supportive and energetic. Whoever got a bunch of kids up at 7am to stand outside in the heat and hand out water is a god send and thanks to these kids for being so motivating.


Overall time for the race was 2:18:58. I would have liked to have done slightly better as I think this was about the same time as my spring half and I always like to improve, but it was hot so I will take it and stop whining.

My post-race recovery including walking over to Enrgi to take Knead to Stretch and focus on foam rolling. Highly recommended for Chicago runners. (Foam rolling is recommended for all runners, I meant Enrgi is recommended for Chicagoans. Duh). That night I finally got to check out the 606 as well. It's pretty and there is some sort of mat on the side for runners which I am sure feels real good and light on the feet. So thanks for whomever made that!

Monday recovery included taking Warrior and then sitting in the Normatec hips at Enrgi. And today... Tuesday... I am taking the entire day off of working out. Which will surely be a test of my patience, but also a good thing.

As they say at Enrgi: Workout. Recover.Repeat.

Chicago Women's Half 1

And in a slightly different, but equally as important twist, here is what I am reading this week: Finding Your Why from A Sweat Life. Everyone's why is different and it truly doesn't matter what it is as long as it empowers you to get er done.