Run Towards The Light


200_sAs I sit here and watch Full House I am reflecting on my weekend (and dreading returning to the day job).

IMG_1154 Saturday morning was a bit dreary but the rain stopped and I headed out for my 9 mile run. As I approached my turn around point I saw the blue of the sky and the clouds and I felt like I was running towards the light. And since running makes you feel all inspired inside it made me realize what a metaphor for life that was. It's quite easy to get comfortable in a job which pays the bills but doesn't emotionally satisfy you. The more I've decided to pursue this life of fitness I've been feeling like I've been running towards the light. The future is the sun and the present bill paying boring ole office job is the storm which will pass. Storms always pass.

IMG_1141 IMG_1146

And in other news, I passed my ACE Group Fitness Test! Despite 6 months of studying I felt like I did not know half of the answers and my heart raced as I pressed the submit button in the overly cologne smelling testing center... But the result: pass.

My instinct is now to figure out my next steps but also I am just taking a moment to be very excited and to enjoy that feeling.

If there is something you want, then run towards the light. I can guarantee you that it will always be worth the effort.