The End Is Nigh


Not really, the end isn't nigh at all... I don't even really know what that means in regards to my life... perhaps that there is an end in sight to marathon training? Five more weeks. But once that is done, I have another half and then I still have my eyes set on a spring ultra, so we will see how this marathon goes. But I digress... that was really just the heading I chose for this post. Things of note:

1) I got some really awesome news last week that I will keep a secret until next winter once it's official, but as of right now, I am cryptically excited.

16 miles

2) On Saturday I did the first of my super long runs. 16 miles completed. I ran fairly slowly so most of it felt good though miles 10-13 I was feeling like I was going down. Then I ran into the NRC cheerleaders along the lake and they really pumped me up to get it done. Mile 15 I hit up the zoo as it's my favorite way to end a run, and mile 16 I sprinted. Or rather, mostly sprinted. I sprinted through the St. Jude walk which I would say was more of a St. Jude meander, but as long as money was raised and people were out being healthy then that's all that matters.

tumblr_nmurfjHAvF1s9gzhqo1_500 3) What am I reading that resonated with me this week: - Zach Anner workout videos: OK so this requires no reading at all. A friend was telling me about these videos and how hilarious he was. What she didn't know is that Zach was on Oprah's contest to get his own talk show. I don't remember how he did, but party on Zach because you are a badass and hilarious dude.

  • "The Benefits of Sleep" by Nike - I feel constantly exhausted and run down as of late. It's due to not enough sleep and running and crosstraining. This week has begun my week of doing less cardio in the gym and hopefully that will help. But sleep yall, it's important.
  • "Shine Theory, Girl Gangs and Running" from A Sweat Life - My girl gang is my everything. Growing up I tended to get along with males better and the majority of my friends were gentlemen. As I have aged, I have found myself surrounded by some super awesome women in various aspects of my life. My favorites have been the ones who have supported and pushed me through all things fitness. From Annie and Mel who got me running in the first place, to Brittany, Lucy and Theresa who I would die without (OK yes, that was a bit dramatic but you get the point... I think) and to my lady Facebook group of gym friends... they are my everything. Oh and Greg... you are in my girl group too... because you are an honorary girl duh.

    Speaking of A Sweat Life, I will be joining them at their monthly Sweatworking event tonight at Brooklyn Boulder. Tuesday climbing in the house!