Sweatworked My Butt Off


Last night I joined A Sweat Life for their Sweatworking event over at Brooklyn Boulders. For anyone that follows my blog (OMG does anyone actually follow my blog) you might that A) I have gone to a few sweatworking events before and B) I have gone to Brooklyn Boulders before so neither of these activities were particularly new to me. Belay Here is what was new, last night I used the auto belay for the very first time. I am not going to lie, I find the belay extremely scary and intimidating and the idea of falling... yeah no. But it was fun! My friends and I started out on an auto belay that was a bit more difficult so we didn't get very high off the ground. We set out to do the easier course and got almost to the top (we were all like meh, we've gone far enough). While on the ground I was cheering for other people and telling them they needed to just let go and when I got to the top myself I definitely started to just climb down. I was telling myself that I wanted to get past this one protruding rock that I was afraid was going to end up in my lady parts, but honestly, I think it's just scary to just let go. Even when you have a rope holding onto you and you know you are going to be OK, letting go is scary.

tumblr_inline_mj65wnVwwf1qz4rgp True of life right? Letting go is scary. I said it again. Because it's true. But has anything really bad ever really come as a result of letting go? No. Usually you feel more free and open and in this instance, and sometimes life, weightless.

Will I be scared to let go the next time I auto belay? Definitely. Will I do it? Definitely.

As for the awesomeness that is Sweatworking: Jeana is just a delight. If you are in Chicago and looking for a great class check out her schedule at CTF. Since we were in a group of 60 we also had a couple of BB folks assigned to us and they were giving out tips and tricks and just general good conversation while not being extremely exceptional and intimidating climbers. I mean let's be real, I bet they are awesome, but it's not like you watched them and then went oh shit...

Radish Swag And for the freebies: Dinner from Radish, free dop in for BB including shoe rental (THANK YOU), drink from Social, Vita Coco, water bottle and powder from Nuun, all the Luna bars you could never want to eat, drop in session at Delos Therapy, muscle milk... and I feel like there was something else in that magical swag bag but I couldn't tell you what it is.

If you are in Chicago or visiting Chicago and haven't checked out Sweatworking events yet, you are an insane person. They are a super cheap way to check out some of the gyms around the city and workout with people that you might not meet otherwise. Fitness + Networking + Happiness = what are you waiting for.

Let go. (Is this where I start singing "Let It Go" from Frozen? Maybe).

P.S. I definitely stole that featured image from A Sweat Life's Instagram.

P.P.S. Are you musical theater nerds listening to the soundtrack for Hamilton? I am dying, it's so very good. Please come to Chicago stat or someone please fly me out to NYC!