I Do The Things!


I feel low on words today but also feel compelled to tell you things so... Friday

IMG_1235 While I am not a huge fan of being up at 5am, I have to admit that these sunrises are hellah pretty and make everything worth it. I don't remember the run itself... it happened, I survived, so I assume everything was OK!

Saturday IMG_1247 18 miles! This is the most distance I have run thus far. And when I say run... I mean that there were more walk breaks than I would like and I definitely had to pull over a few times to stretch it out. I was a tight tiny person who stayed up too late the night before and didn't hydrate enough. But it happened. I ran. I finished. I didn't stress about it. Though I did realize how sad it is when you are running a marathon that is not the Chicago marathon as Fleet Feet seems to be done with their aid stations... and even though I didn't always stop at them, there was something about knowing they were there that felt good (I went to a panel on Sunday and the gent from Fleet Feet said they think of these tiny cups as giving out one life).

Sunday IMG_1256 (2) I went to yoga and more importantly, I went to Fleet Fleet's Breaking Through the Wall Panel.


While I thought they were going to talk more about the mental part of the marathon and instead they focused on nutrition. Which is fine because that's what people asked. I am kicking myself as I should have asked questions pertaining to running with natural foods and not gels and how to make sure you are fueling with familiar foods when you are traveling, but I didn't so alas! All in all it was pretty interesting and Jenny Simpson and Desi Linden are just the best.

IMG_1259 Oh and thanks to Desi's sponsor Brooks for this cute lil travel bag and to Fleet Feet for the $10 off in their store which I used on socks. YAY socks!


What I'm Reading This Week

This very true article about you can't have all the fitness all the time when it comes to fitness. I know this to be true. I know I need to pick goals and stick to them, but it's still very difficult sometimes.