I'm supposed to be posting


But life is busy so I didn't. Instead I took some pictures of things I wanted to post about but didn't. IMG_1362This is a bug that died on my head. Every time I come in from a run there are at least three dead gnats on me. What's up with that bros?

Your weekend re-cap Last week was a light week for me which meant limited running and a 10 mile long run. I don't know at what point 10 miles became not a big deal, but it did. And it was well timed as Thursday was my birthday and Friday my friends came to my show and we had a drink (or maybe two afterwards).

IMG_1337*My amazing friends bought me these equally amazing Nike tights that I have been salivating for. THANK YOU FRIENDS!!

Back to the point: It was nice to have fun and not worry about getting up at the crack of dawn to spend half the day "running." I will say, that Chicago's weather stunk on Saturday and it was a brutal ten miles. It was incredibly windy and for about three miles I felt like I was just getting punched. Thanks for that Chicago.

IMG_1338Don't let this picture from Olive Park fool you, the view from the other side was a real jerk.

This week I go back to longer runs. Monday was a 30 min run, Tuesday was 7 miles with intervals, Friday is 7 miles and Saturday is 20 miles. 20 MILES! 20 MILES! WHERE IS MY MEDAL?!?! WHY DON'T I GET A MEDAL FOR RUNNING 20 MILES? I get to have my hair cut and to film a video for a friend and to clean my apartment, that's all I get for 20 miles. Sad for me.

Next week is the Bourbon Dash so I am going a bit renegade on my run schedule, but overall, Fred Fitness put together a solid schedule for me and I feel mostly good about this whole marathon thing, though I am still obsessed with how I am going to eat. I am food focused. Deal with it America.

In non-running news, my very awesome friend said she would mentor me and my other friend in our fitness teaching adventures. It's a bit weird of a process as you go and get your certification and then it's like bam, I am certified to teach, but really I have no experience, and that's odd. So yesterday I created the Arms, Back and Chest class that she teaches, we sat down and talked about the format, she tweaked it slightly, and then we did it in class. What I did learn, is that a minute is a long time. I kind of already knew that but figured I would go for it anyway. Class is here if you want to give it a try on your own (ya weirdo):

Warm Up - 5 min (do what you want, but make sure to warm up your arms and upper body)

Repeat these three times, 1 min, 40 sec, 20 sec Flies Skull crushers Plank Row with extension

Repeat again, same as above, but add in slow counts on round two and pulses on round 3: Bicep curls Overhead triceps Lateral Raise

1 Min of push ups

Repeat everything above and this time replace push ups with a min of pull ups

Repeat twice Side plank right Wrist extensions Side plank left IMG_1352 P.S. Stan's Donuts in Lincoln Park is finally almost open... just in time for my long runs to be finished...