The weekend in brief


I am a marathoner! I mean not yet, but so close. Training is coming to a close and I am excited to take a hot minute to sleep past 5am and breathe and maybe make progress on some goals and then of course... Run again. So last week I had shorter mileage (7 miles Tuesday and 7 miles Friday) and I had my 20miler on Saturday. But first...

     Saturday morning I got up at an ungodly hour to wait in line at Stan's donuts. I knew I wouldn't be one of the first in line but once I was up I might as well stay. An hour and a half later I bought four donuts because you don't wait that long to buy one donut, duh ( I highly recommend lemon pistachio and the donut with ice cream). Anyway...

I jetted home afterwards to get my run. 20 miles. It's a lot y'all. And I was slow (11:30 overall ave pace) but I went further south than I usually run and gosh darn it, Chicago is pretty. Miles 9/10-13/14 I started playing a zen mind game where I would pick a person from my life and put them on a point on the course so I was running to them and once I got there I would say something nice about them. Definitely helped to pass the time and give me something to aim for beyond you better run to that tree because why? Why am I making myself run at least to the tree? Anyway, it worked. 

     I am pleasantly surprised with how my soreness level has been too. I'm pretty aggressive when it comes to recovery and take hot baths, foam roll, stretch and regularly use compression boots (except Saturday I was in a rush and ate a donut in the bathtub... That happened... It was a real moment). Come Sunday my hamstrings were sore and my left hip down to my knee was sore but otherwise I am in pretty decent shape.  And more in running... Sunday was the Chicago marathon. I definitely had marathon envy watching people run by but it was so exciting and since I know how important it is having people cheer for you I was more vocal than ever before. And those elites... So mind blowing. Are they even real people? They are so fast and in sync and don't look tired. So amazing. Oh and Deena Kastor set a new masters record. Truthfully I don't entirely know what that means but breaking a record sounds pretty baller to me.

   This week I was dreading my Monday run as I was exhausted but I felt great once it was done. The remained of this week was one more run and then I have the Bourbon Chase starting Thursday and then... Then the marathon.

It's real. I've trained for it. The time is here and I am excited. When people ask how I feel I am not sure what to say because really anything could happen but most of my training runs have been pretty decent and the journey has been well worth the exhaustion. Part of me is already ready for what's next and the other part of me keeps saying live in this moment and enjoy it. I will never again have the experience of my first marathon.