Post-Marathon High (and Lows)


Yes, I am still talking about the marathon... except not really. You join a lottery. You wait a few months. You find out you get in. You are elated. You spend four plus months training and putting in the work. You do the damn thing. And then the damn thing is done.

This week has been weird for me. I've tried to rest but also get in my gym days as I refuse to go under 16 days and pay $10. So my legs aren't entirely rested and my hamstrings feel kind of awful. I am hoping to remedy that this weekend with a deep tissue massage. But also, I want to run. And I can't right now because the short sprints I have done have hurt my hamstring. But my body and mind is used to a schedule and used to running. I like running. I have now gone five days without running and you guys... it's hard. 368167_210202761_XLarge That's all I really wanted to say. That this one week sans running has made me really miss running.