Why Not Try Something Different?


A slew of people at my gym also go to a crap ton of other gyms around Chicago. Since they are all amazing workout beasts, I tend to think that if they like something it's probably pretty decent. So I finally joined the masses and checked out Hardpressed. HP is different then my usual circuit training group fitness or running lifestyle. It's personal training, all machines, reps to fatigue. I did 13 machines, roughly 12 reps at each machine. Time moved incredibly quickly, my trainer was great and it was very different than what I am used to. Even the chin ups, which I normally do unassisted, roughly two at a time followed by a break, were assisted and were 11 in a row.

What did I learn? I am not as badass as I like to think I am :). No, what I really learned was that my legs are decently good at running and can make it through circuit training but sending them through leg machines they were basically like jelly and not capable of doing things. My arms and chest were much stronger.

Do I recommend it? Definitely. Change up your routine and push your body to do new things. It's the freakin weekend, have a little fun (by working out... I know, shoot me for even saying that).

*Something cool, they immediately email you a progress report for you workout, which is pretty awesome... if you understand it :) Also, the picture they took of me, I just didn't care and it turns out I looked cross-eyed and now that's my picture on record for them. Hollar.