Where Have I Been?


Guys, I feel like I've been gone. Really I haven't been, but work has been a suck fest and I haven't been running as frequently and need to because January half marathon is quickly approaching, as is weight from not running like a monster BUT what I have been doing is going to Hardpressed, going to Enrgi and more importantly, beginning a new chapter in my life. What is this chapter you ask? Well last night I did my first night of team teaching at Enrgi. The amazing Theresa has been mentoring me and she is just the best. The greatest teacher and the greatest mentor. So last night's class was interesting. I was nervous as hell going in and could barely write on the board as I took a 5:30 class and my arms were shaking after many, many, many push ups. I demo'd one section and led the warm up and I think that went pretty well for the first time. What didn't go well? Choosing to have people do suspension training as their strength section. Apparently suspension training is difficult if you haven't spend much time doing it. I love TRX so I completely forgot about that aspect of it. Lesson learned and thanks to the people who put up with my crazy workout. I look forward to my next team teaching adventure and of course I look forward to getting my feet back on the road to run.

Class 1