I'm On A Boat

IMG_2038 OK You guys.... Chicago is cool. I am just going to go ahead and say it. I know, people are like but it's the Midwest? Well I am here to tell you that it's cool. So Nike is really pushing there #getouthere campaign to get people working out outside, and while they didn't chose me as one of their beastly winners to take part in the competition, I was lucky enough to sign up for one of their NTC classes that was held in a barge along the Chicago River. And since it's Nike... it's an experience, not just a class.

You roll up and the indoor area is swanky as all heck with some purply mood lighting. Some lovely gals check you into class and then you head to the desk where you can get a locker for your belongings, a Nike sweat towel and you can test out some Nike sneaks. I grabbed a pair... whose kind I could not tell you. I don't necessarily think I loved them as they have these pods on the bottoms and I am used to flat footed shoes. I found myself a bit off balance at times, but the material of the shoes was soft and light and lovely. Inside this area is also a place to take pictures galore (hello Insta famous) and you can grab hot chocolate, hot cider, water and cliff bars. Since it's actually 60 degrees today (what, what?) I passed on the hot beverages but thanks for the water and post-workout fuel.


Class itself was taught by the awesome Jeana Anderson Cohen and Emily Hutchins. Jeana I have taken class with before and she runs A Sweat Life. She is the bomb. If you are in Chicago, find her at Nike, CTF or the Sweatworking events and get on board. This was my first experience with Nike Master trainer Emily... and I have a girl crush. We also have the same hair cut... soooooooo spirit animal? This was a HIIT class and since you have different experience levels they did a great job of setting up a class anyone could do: burpees, lunges, skaters, some ab work, tuck jumps, more burpees, partner work involving lots of high fives and much more.


Classes for this week are pretty full so I think it's near impossible to get in, but in case you want to check it out go here.

And in not Nike news I team taught my third class at Enrgi this past Wednesday. Teaching is hard. When you go to class with amazing instructors you probably don't think it's difficult, because they make it look easy, but I am going to tell you, it's definitely not easy. If you want to try my class on your own, because why not... here is my class plan (and my awesome friend Michelle who wrote on the board for me because her board writing is on point and mine needs some help).


And finally, here is a video of Brittany rocking the Assault Bike... in all her glory.