Goal Setting, Am I Right?


New-Years-Jlaw.gif It's January which means it's time for resolutions and goal setting and even though I was just off of work for two weeks and that would have been the perfect time to set goals... instead I colored. Because it feels good.



Here is a goal I did set for myself: to do 2016 burpees on New Years Eve. Which I failed at so I changed it to be between New Years Eve and New Years day and still failed. Then I thought maybe it will be over the weekend, and then it didn't happen. And that's ok. Want to know why it didn't happen? Well on New Year's Eve I took a class with a new to me instructor over at CrossTown Fitness and this class basically ended up being 50 min of squats. While my body felt ok during... for the next few days I couldn't really walk, squat or anything that used my hip flexors. (In case you are wondering I did about 200 of the burpees... cest la vie).

Point being, sometimes we make goals and we don't reach them and that's ok. Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you will land amongst the stars. Right?


If you are in Chicago join me for the latest Nike Chiberia challenge! Click here for more info!

This week I will be reporting live from sunny Florida where I will be running the Walt Disney World Half Marathon. While I am a little bummed about how much this trip will end up costing, I am completely ecstatic about everything else. It's Disney yo and I am running as part of Team Fox! If you haven't run for a charity or with a group before I highly recommend it. The level of support is just astounding and awesome.

P.S. If you live in Western Mass there is a great new path called the Rail Trail beginning in Westfield and ending... I don't know where... my uncle claims New Jersey... but it definitely runs through Southwick and some other locations and it's great for a long run (unless it's raining or you need a bathroom, in which case, God speed).