It's A Small World Indeed

Race Report! Destination: Disney World

Race Length: Half Marathon

PR: YES WE CAN! (Finished in 2:16 though I potentially could have finished faster if I didn't stop to tie my shoes, stop to take rando pics and train in lower temps)

Overall Rating (on a scale from I have to wash my hair to I could die now): 1.gif


Your costume: Your jerky friend Greg tells you to dress like an abstract thing from Fantasia. You are running for Team Fox so you have your shirt and bring some orange pants and yellow shoes and a pink hat because that feels like it will suffice for the costume. You change your mind on the pants because you don't want to end the race looking like you peed your pants.

The Expo: Is over at the ESPN Sports Zone but it's meh. I did a quick run through as I desperately wanted to get over to Animal Kingdom or really any park, but there didn't seem to be many free things and the shirts for sale by Disney weren't THAT cute and there was only one tank (i.e. I would never wear it). Thoughts on expo: Needs more free swag.

The course: I hope you are an early riser. This race starts promptly at 5:30am. If you are staying on Disney property (might I recommend the overpriced but gorgeous Polynesian) then you can hop on the monorail and it will take you there quickly.

Once you will arrive and wait in the security line even though you just have a water bottle and the security guard will look at it for a second and then wave you on through. You will then get in line for a port-o-potty and everyone is holding doors for each other so you think that's a nice thing to do and you hold it for the gal behind you and she says "You don't have to hold the door, that's not necessary" and you think you're welcome.

You then literally run over to your start corral and are glad you did because you arrive just in time for Donald Duck to send your corral on its way. You slightly curse your friend who took far longer than you to get ready but since you are just on time all is well. Also said friend lost 100 lbs in a year so good for her!

You start in the dark along the highway and while there are lots of fun characters you think I am not going to get in line to take pictures with them. Then you see Wreck It Ralph and you are like ok well I will stop here. Then you get to the Magic Kingdom and the castle is all lit up in lights and everything truly is magical. You run through Tomorrow Land, through the castle (oh hai Cinderella) and down Main Street back onto the highway (booooo) and right into Epcot where friends, family, and Disney employees are cheering you on. At one point along the highway you turn off your music because Hercules is playing and it makes you feel like a badass.

Things I learned: 60 degrees is not hot but when you have been training in 40 and below you might overheat around mile 2 and spend all the water stations throwing water over your head but then when you finish 40 minutes before your friend you are going to stand there and freeze so you will end up buying a long sleeve shirt that doesn't even fit you and cost you $40 and cest la vie... at least you were warm for a hot second.

Would I do it again: Maybe. Disney is expensive, magical, but expensive. What I wouldn't do is change hotels three times because you waste so much time in doing so. I also likely wouldn't do just one race again. I would do the marathon or the goofy or dopey to add some excitement and bad choices. It's a fun race though.


Recommended for those that really want to get a Hunger Games style wrist band from Disney (I am convinced they are going to control everyone who has one and get them to fight each other) or people who just want an enjoyable first race.