And Now For Something A Little Different


I am incredibly lucky to have a slew of extremely talented and wonderful friends in my life. This post is dedicated to one of those crews, and one of those ladies in particular. In Chicago, there was an improv group called The Katydids. They formed because their names were all a derivative of Katherine. They did shows, they made videos, they worked hard and treated people well. Cut to a few years later and they went out to Hollywood and sold their pilot to TVLand which quickly got picked up and premiered last night. I was lucky enough to be invited to their premiere at iO where we were treated to an extra episode of the show, and I can ensure you, it's fantastic (even the Hollywood Reporter likes it).


Why am I posting this? For a few reasons:

A) Watch their show. :) Teachers airs on TVLand at 10pm CT. B) Work hard and treat people well and good things will happen. Even if those good things are that someone will buy your drink at Starbucks, it's still a good thing. Respect each other. Put in the time. Nothing is easy (OK some things are easy). There are no real secrets to succeeding (OK sometimes there are). For the majority of us, if there is something you love and want to do, as Nike would say: Just do it.

Excuses are for those afraid to succeed. Failure is something we learn and grow from, so why not fail sometimes. And now that I am rambling, watch Teachers.