The Time Is Now


I've been in a weird mental state this week as some personal things are going on but when your mental state is inclined to be sad, I find that it's the best time to push through with the things that you want that make you happy. And thus, I am working out like a monster and have been applying to gyms for jobs. JOBS! How scary!! I received a few responses from my resume and quite frankly, I am suddenly afraid of failure. I shouldn't say suddenly afraid, I think I am always afraid to chose something to do with my life because what if I fail? The realistic part of me knows that so what, you fail, you move on. The part of me that really wants this is like oh god, but what if? Not that long ago I had a nightmare where I had chosen to go back to grad school for creative writing and I was in my program freaking out because I didn't want it anymore. I woke up stressed out and sweating. Making choices is a nightmare for me. I mean that's just ridiculous. Anyway... I was listening to a podcast with Tim Ferriss this morning and he said this:

"Most people don't attempt great things because they don't think they can achieve great things."

- Tim Ferris

And that's where I feel like I am at in life. I want to stop living a mundane office life and achieve something great. I mean maybe it won't be great to some, but it will be what I want which makes it great for me.

And where have I been working out this week:

Running... in snow... and cold... because sometimes you just need it to clear you head and make you happy.


Rowing and taking various Athlete classes with Robert over at Enrgi. These classes are stellar because you just focus on one thing (like rowing, KBs, etc) and focus on form and performance at a higher level and yes, I want that. IMG_2540


And finally, this isn't where I am... but I love this note from a No Meat Athlete FAQ on running.


This weekend I will be checking out a class at a new to me gym, attending a Dry Athlon over at Equinox as part of a Sweatworking event, and taking a group fitness class at HardPressed. By Sunday night I suspect I will be among the dead.

"Make this year the year that you astonish yourself." - Tim Ferriss