Monday Got Me Like


  It's 40 and about dang time I got back into regular running so today at lunch I decided to do this thing. This thing meant that for about two miles I chased a guy who was taller and faster than me and was running 7.something min miles (which is hella fast for me) and I just about caught him. Miles 3 and 4 had me chasing another dude who was doing short sprints and was killing it and quite frankly I think I just wanted to run fast. Running isn't a competition per se, but sometimes you just need the competition.

I think I ask felt all kinds of free as on Saturday I ran just under 5 miles with a backpack and if there is one way to slow yourself down its by adding a backpack filled with random things like your winter  coat. Don't judge.

   I also had another session at HardPressed group fitness on Saturday.


We pushed and pulled that tire and then did it again..and again... And again. For those of you who are like ahem, rest days... Don't you worry! I spent Sunday in yoga and coloring. #noregrets

And since I feel like I should talk about nutrition... This is how I fuel on weekend mornings:

  Slow cooked oatmeal

Sunflower seeds



Cashew butter

Raisins & cranberries

Trader Joe's seed mix


Salt (because I'm not a total monster)