Stop, Goal Time!


So far 2016 has felt like a lot of floundering around to me. My mental space is out of wack. My physical space, while pumping, is all up in the air and my career space is in that phase where I am ready for a new journey but also scared poopless of failure. So today I decided to finally tackle some of that (physical duh) and I printed out my calendar through October. I know it seems a bit cray to some, but I needed to prioritize my gym workouts with running and some time at HardPressed. For those of you who don't know, HardPressed kicks the life out of you and means you better be going light the next day. IMG_2629

So for the next year I will be looking at the pages above to remind myself what my goals and priorities are health wise and what I can cut back on. Don't you worry, I did include rest on my written page of priorities.

Speaking of health... I took a rowing class on Tuesday and if you want a serious butt kicker give this a shot. The first number is the meters to row, second number is stairs to climb, number in the circle is in the time to do it in. I was the last person in class to finish and I finished in 23 min so strive to go under that number!


My doorman kept telling me there was going to be a lot of change this year. I scoffed a little as he kept talking about new buildings, but so far as it pertains to my life, nothing except my desire to workout has felt like a constant.

P.S. The featured image is a quote from Matt Frazier over at No Meat Athlete!